Marella Ferrera


The designer Marella Ferrera chooses Sicily as “place of the soul.” She made her debut on the exhibition of the Italian High Fashion in 1993 and she was immediately defined the “experimenter of Fashion” for using materials that influence the textiles. Sculpture-dresses made of molten rock flakes, mosaics of terracotta, ceramic fragments from Caltagirone. Fashion but also admired costume designer for important plays and ballets choreographed by Master Micha Van Hoecke, Bejart’s heir. In 2008 she restored with Mario Nanni, who signed the project, the historic location of the eighteenth century Biscari Museum, visited by Goethe in 1787. In 2009 her Archive is declared “of historical interest” by MIBAC and called the Archive of the Mediterranean. And it is precisely the experience of “vertical” contact with the earth that leads her to the creation of the first archaeological installation in the world for the Morgantina Acrolith, Demeter and Kore, from Aidone Museum as the face of Sicily at Milan Expo 2015. Art director, with Studio KWG signs the project “interior” for the new Hilton Capomulini collaborating with the architect Tom Russell. She shares the MF LAB project with the designers Paolo Gagliardi and Paolo Giummulè. She cooperates with the designer Paola Lenti in the new project “Viaggio in Sicilia”.

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